Asphalt reinforcement

Cracking is one of the most frequent types of damage found in asphalt pavements. If an existing cracked pavement is covered by an asphalt overlay the cracks starts to propagate towards the surface after a short period of time. The same happens when overlaying poor joint constructions, lane widening and joints of concrete pavements or cement treated base courses. Reflective cracking will result in rapid deterioration of the pavement, especially in areas where water can migrate into the l...

Asphalt & Bitumen

Bobema Nederland B.V. supplies world-wide: additives for the production of permanent repair cold mix; polymer modified bitumen and the technology for polymer modification; easy to blend, bitumen compatible polymers; additives for low temperature asphalt production and 100% asphalt recycling; powder pigments, pigment pellets, clear binders and clear binder pellets for large and small scale production of colored asphalt.  

Joint Heaters

The Ecoseam ceramic infra-red joint heater was borne out of the recognition that compaction and adhesion at asphalt joints was not as good as it could be and that compaction of polymer modified asphalt requires even more attention to get the best result. The key advantage of the ceramic infra-red joint heater is that the heat penetrates deep into the asphalt base, without burning the bitumen. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, Dublin Airport and projects on the UK Highways Agency Trunk Road Network a...


Bobema Nederland B.V. offers a full range of geosynthetics for civil environmental engineering, such as PP Biaxial Geogrid, HDPE Uniaxial Geogrid and HDPE Geomembrane.   Our products are suitable for numerous applications such as soil stabilization, soil reinforcement, landslides stabilization, railway and road embankments, construction of retaining walls, landfills etc.  


Bobema logistics services include: Bitutainers: for sale or for rent, new and used BBM ISO Bitutainers, thermal oil heated or flame tube heated, diesel burners, control units, bitumen pumps, hoses and spare parts. Transport: project cargo, ocean freight, air freight and landside services Warehousing: bonded warehousing, public warehousing, dedicated warehousing, contract warehousing, cross docking service, chemical warehousing  

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